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Submit Packers and Movers Listing

If you are packers and movers business owner submit your business listing with We are the world’s #1 movers aggregator, the huge customer base at Packox can help your listing get notified when customers look for local movers or international movers.

Wondering it would be tough for listing your business, no it is not and it is very simple. You just have to select the plan and proceed to enter your details like business name, email, phone number, address and services.

Benefits of Submission

There are so many added advantages if you submit your packers and movers listing at Packox. Here we are going to discuss those benefits.

  • Get Leads: One of the major reason that you should opt for premium listing with packox. You get leads of customers who are looking for transport company to move their house, office.
  • Business Exposure: With low cost advertising option to free listing of your business, you can reach to the potential customers.
  • Website Traffic: With multiple business advertising options you can have a great opportunity of getting traffic to your website.
  • Trust with Review: Customer who have already opted your services can review your business, which increases trust in turn you get more leads.

How Free Listing Works?

We at Packox providing a space for packers and movers companies to list their business with us. By listing with us you can reach to potential customers who are looking for house, office shifting companies. It is very simple to list with Packox, you have to just enter your business details like name, phone number, email, address, images city of operation, website, operating hours, and business description.

Once Submitting your details, our executive will verify and approve your listing. After approving you will be visible in the selected city and category. 

Details Required for the Listing

  • Business Name: Enter your your business details by which your customers can identify.
  • Full Address: Enter your full address so that customers can reach to your location. You can enter through google maps, or manual entry or drop a pin in maps.
  • WhatsApp: WhatsApp has become a new mode of communication, enter your WhatsApp number so customers can reach you.
  • Website: We recommend you to provide your website address in the respective field. This helps you in driving traffic to your website.
  • Category: Choose an appropriate category which will help you in getting potential leads. If you choose to run ads it will be shown on those categories.
  • Business Hours: Give your operating hours so customers can reach out to your location.
  • FAQ’s: For every business and industry there will be questions from customers, if you would add those frequently asked questions that would help customers understand about your company. In logistics industry, the cost, packing quality and ti=he time to reach destination are the main questions.
  • Description: Describe your business, and mention your USP’s. Also brief how you are providing high quality services than others.
  • Gallery: It would be appropriate if you add your packers and movers business logo, featured image and previous moving images. By seeing the images more customers would be attracted to reach out for their moving requirements.