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Looking for a moving company?

Moving your house or office from one place to another is never an easy task. First is the dilemma of finding a place which takes days and sometimes months. Changing addresses on official documents is even more cumbersome.

When this is all done, we need to pack out stuff and move. In my opinion, packing and moving possessions is simply the most tedious task of all.

Ensuring that all goods are packed, none get broken, they are classified based on need, loading and unloading requires expertise.

While one can use agents to find a new place, they can also use a movers and packers company like Packox to remove this burden off their shoulders and enjoy a pleasant moving experience.

Student Relocation

Cambridge is a town of students; one can also find students hustling about with coffees in one hand and books in the other. Due to the Presence of the esteemed Cambridge University, the city has a big student population.

Students often also look to relocate their accommodations, either moving to new flats or in to/out of dorms. While most students do not own many material possessions, packing and moving is still a hectic task for them as they cannot find time between their busy academic schedules.

Thus, movers and packers become even more important for them. Student relocation involves packing all the material possessions in boxes (properly labelled), packing fragile items separately and finally moving the goods within Cambridge.

House removal and office relocation

House removal and office relocation have largely similar needs- both need packing, transporting heavy furniture and goods. Packers and movers use special packing techniques and materials like bubble wrap, newspaper, etc.

Office relocation requires the moving of paperwork, and the movers must ensure that none of the paperwork gets damages.

Packing services and a man with a truck service

Some people only require packing services, while others only want a truck transporting their goods to the designated place. Both of these nuanced requirements of moving can be fulfilled by movers and packers.

The average cost of Removals in Cambridge 

Average costs of removals in the UK vary from city to city and also on the size of your home, office etc. the average cost of reduction in Cambridge is-

What you get at Packox

Packox is a premium moving and packaging company that can fulfil all your moving needs. Whether it is packing goods, transporting them or even just allocating them, Packox can do it all in style.

Packox provides home relocation, office relocation, student relocation, packaging services, and transportation services. The company has established its name through consistent hard work and continues to do so.

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